Personal Care

About a year ago I decided to look into safer and cleaner personal care products for my family. I wasn’t happy with my current regimen and it didn’t fall in line with my true beliefs.

I was wanting to be the full 360 degrees of health. I was introduced to a mission that is taking on our federal government to ban toxic chemicals and ingredients that have been proven to create a number of issues in the body, including cancer, hormonal and endocrine disruption. I looked at many of my personal products and realized that I have been using these chemicals not only on myself, but on my children as well.

I felt called to be a part of Beauty Counter and very quickly fell in love with their skincare, make up, and kids products. My Call to Action to you is start examining what you put on your body every day.  “The Never List” are ingredients banned in other countries but that are still allowed here in the United States. Find “The Never List” and personal brands that we use under Free Resources on Main page. Contact your senators and congressman and be a voice for changing our personal care act; it will take an army.

Below are favorite brands that I approve of and use on a daily basis in our home. I will constantly be updating this list as well. There are amazing companies out there creating safe, cleaner products. Just open your eyes and take a look. Again, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Health is a whole state of mind, body, and spirit. I used to think it was just what I ate that defined my health. Now being a mom and wife I understand it is the 5 P’s of health; Plants, Prevention, Personal Care, Planet, and People.

We are made of 360 degrees of awesomeness, yet it is often difficult to love every part of who we are. I have dedicated my life to helping others and myself with overall better self -care and self- love. I often get lost in this fast pace moving world and that mentality of doing a lot defines success.

However, I always find my way back to reality and what is most important to me, ME.  If I am not constantly working on bettering me, then I am not going to be able to be fully present for those I love the family, friends, and YOU. I am worth it-You Are Worth It.

Give yourself grace, hold tight to what you love the most, and know that the cave of fear is just poofs in our brain that we make up. I hope you enjoy this site. It is support on all levels for you and for me. Your Call to Action is to love yourself.

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